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I am so passionate about what I do and the process that goes along with that. I work exclusively on Irish Linen, made in Northern Ireland. It’s important for me to remain transparent about bringing you the most sustainable and beautiful product. So, I wanted to learn the journey of linen from start to finish.


The way to start learning was to grow my own little field of flax in our back garden. I did this in Summer 2019. Planting on the 15th April and harvesting 104 days later on the 27th July.


I took many images and videos to record the process, the crop changed almost daily and it was a lovely process to watch. I decided, one year later, to celebrate my ‘Belfast Flax Field’ by making a limited-edition piece taken from the many photographs and studies I took during the growth and flowering period. My usual style is more of an architectural blue print, sometimes playing and experimenting more with fill and colour. This piece was such a journey; wanting to capture the density of the crop along with the beauty and delicacy and detail of the flowers at various stages.


A flax flower is transitory, each flower lasts less than one day. Therefore, I have decided to make only 21 of these in total. 24 hours in one day, just a little less than that…

(each piece will be marked 1 of 21, 2 of 21 etc...)


The nature of the process of making this piece means no two will ever be the same.


This limited edition piece uses 6 thread colours on Derry Lane Irish Linen and is canvas mounted on a 20cm x 20cm frame. It is then tray framed in a hand painted timber frame using a bespoke deep green paint colour. Each piece will come with a small bunch of the dried out Belfast Flax as seen in the product images.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to move beyond the harvest stage as I was 9 months pregnant at that time. But I do hope to pick up the process again. I have experienced most of the next steps but to be present in the full cycle would be an amazing experience.


The finished framed piece measures 24cm x 24cm overall.


N.B. As this piece will be made to order please allow between up to 6 weeks before shipping.

(due to the value of this piece it will be shipped as recorded delivery)

Belfast Flax Field

  • This finished framed piece measures 24cm x 24cm. Made from Derry Lane Irish Linen, machine embroidered and finished in a hand painted tray frame. 

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