Transport House, built in 1959 and desinged by Architect J.J Brennan is one of Belfast's youngest listed buildings, listed in 1994. An iconic and instantly recognisable part of this building is the 5 storey high tiled mural set in a concave wall. The mural depicts the industries of Northern Ireland; a plane, cranes, a ship and a factory, and, at its base, an army of uniformed workers - without whom all industry would grind to a hault.


A heavily embroiderd play with colour and stitch type representation of this beaiutiful and iconic tiled facade. This piece is canvas mounted and tray framed and strung to hang or it can simply stand alone. 


This limited edition piece is a mix of complimetnary colours to the tiled facade and is finished in a hand painted timber frame, painted using Farrow and Ball - Hague Blue. 


Only 12 of these will be made in total. 


Embroidered onto Irish Linen woven in Northern Ireland.


This finished framed piece measures approximately 46cm x 15cm.


N.B. As this piece will be made to order please allow between up to 6 weeks before shipping.

(due to the value of this piece it will be shipped as recorded delivery)


Transport House Framed

  • This finished framed piece measures 46cm x 15cm. Made from locally made Irish Linen embroidered and finished in a hand painted tray frame. The frame is painted in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue.